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My name is Geli Wörz.

Already at the age of 6 years
I learnt in my homeland
Germany horse riding.
Up to my 12-th year I visited regularly riding hours in a big riding stable. Afterwards I received private lessons with a qualified riding instructor. He also taught me a lot of practise and theory in dealing with horses. At the age of 17 years I visited a 3-week course with a lot of theory and practise in dealing with horses. I finished with a certificate for adults.
In my youth I worked a few months on the trotting course in Munich. At the age of 21 years I moved in Switzerland and worked, besides, with a known Swiss jumping rider. With him I could collect a lot of experiences in relation on horses and her posture.

Since that time the horses won more and more fascination for me.
Of course I also had own horses.

During 13 years on the horse pension of an experienced Swiss horse lover in France I had to learn, beside the everyday work around the horses, to handle all tractors and machines, as well as all craft works. Since my childhood it was my wish to live with horses. Year after year, therefore, I have saved to create my own "horse oasis" and to be able to follow my hobby which is at the same time my occupation.
I also took care of his different animals, in particularly the horses.
I learnt the necessary specialist knowledge for animals of all kind at me at the french agriculture school which I finished with certificate.

Especially I lay great stress on natural treatments. I specialised myself in the area of horse care. I booked several courses - in particular also homoeopathic ones. Today the horses can profit from my knowledge and nothing is too much for me if it is about the well-being of my protégés.

It has always been my motto to live with the horses. Year after year I've saved money to create their own "horse haven". So I can make my work which is also my passion.
My present pensioners and short-term horses feel fine around and thank me with good health and joy of life.