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September 2016
Dear Geli
With these few words, I would like to thank you for the great care taken in Epsom during those years at home. It is so difficult to separate from a friend who has shared so much with us and that made us happy for years of crazy adventures. Find a place to put his horse in retirement is not an easy thing because if a lot of offers and advertising for pension stables for horses is another matter to find capable people, dedicated and who also live naturally leave the horses and sheep. I found it all at home and after several bad experiences, it was a relief to me to find that “Les Grappins” for Epsom can live his last years in great condition, with all the care, companionship and sought peace.
So for all this I still want to thank you for your dedication and love for our horses, all these new and those pictures you send us regularly and allow us to stay in touch with the life led by our friends at home.
With all my friendship

Christine: 15.05.2016
Dear Geli, thanks for your great work and effort during the years in which Navar was allowed to live with you. You have great support me and accompanied. I'm glad we both had this time. Now Grappins is always in my memory with the little brown. I am very happy of this.

It was really totally cool with you and the horses so sweet and loving. Compliment you do it really great. Thank you
Chiara (riding participation Cruzera) 23.06.2014

Thank You that you show so good to our big boy "Rocky". He looks dazzling. I think, for him there is no better place like here with Dir
Merci for all
Sandra, Mike, Jessica Rocket 14/04/2014

Dear Geli
Thank you for your reply.
I would still like to mention again quite explicitly that I you think is great, sympathetic and engaged! One can find certainly rarely such a good place for his horse where the care heart is in the right place and will assist you as individually the horses. Also your pasture / stall I liked.
If I may, I will love to return back to you - who knows - in a year - in a few years? (If you have space and then of course "we" still would be welcome).
In the meantime, I wish you, your partner and all your animals all the best.
Bettina (2013)

Dear Geli,
it's really a pity that my Mysla is no longer here for tasted the nice pensionlife on your farm. Mysla saw with you always so great, and that too with its 31 years. That was in the past years in other stables not always so. It was for me at every visit a pleasure to see how she felt in the flock well and looked good. Although she was not my only horse, she was my "first own" always something very special. With age she changed and group housing was not the perfect solution for her. I found with your horse farm exactly what I wanted for her. The social contact with other animals, large pastures and yet its quietness, you through the separate the boxes the animals enable. And of course your tireless dedication to the animals. During my vacation in your Guest house I had often marveled at what you are doing everything for the horses and that really is not natural! It is very sad that my three-team is no longer complete by you. I was missing Mysla by my next visits! A big thank you to for your loving care and taking-care!
Kind regards Yvonne (Mysla, Chizum, Funi) 20.02.2013

I feel I must,
express my gratitude to my silent helpers. Thanks to lots of `donations´ and `presents´ it is even possible to improve and repair some things and invest in them. Apart from the fact, that 20 years of saving and disclaiming are the basis for my farm – all that wouldn’t be possible with just the guesthouse. Essentially my thanks goes to all those lovely people who made this possible and keep on doing so. First of all a very special thanks to my mother who can’t be stopped, who invested so much energy, time and money in here, my departed brother and father who made many reparations and renovations possible. `Thank you´ also to my sister who made the internet site to what it is and who is still creating it. Furthermore my special thanks also goes to my own costumers who, not just in their horses lifetime but also after their demise, make investments possible that wouldn’t be possible without their financial help. So I dedicate the enlarged sand field to Linda, which arose by the reason of the continuing payments for the pension until the end of the year although she by herself didn´t have any more use of it and could just watch from the horse heaven. Certainly she shares her fellows’ happiness who especially enjoy the sand field. This intensive pasture care wouldn’t have been possible without the help of others either. Thank you, dear Béatrice and André, for this really generous present. I also thank Sabine who has enriched the farm with her birthday presents for years (for example the electronic scale and shearer for horses). And Uschi for the birthday horse vacuum cleaner. Uschi is `a part´ of the farm. She takes it over when I am not here, which means a heavy responsibility. Eventually this involves acting when there are problems or when a horse chooses that time to get colic and if the worst comes to the worst you can’t really help anymore. What would I do without her? Thank you that she is there. Of course I also thank my boyfriend Yves who currently buys low-priced old bread from the bakeries and makes sure that the fence posts are chopped down according to the moon so that they last much longer, and he generally stands up for the horses as good as he can and helps cleaning, washing and cleaning out the stable and he implements ideas, harrow and mulches the pasture with his old tractor, or planting trees, etc, etc ...... (I also do a lot for him :-)).
Thank you all!
Geli (15.02.2013)

Dear Geli
Thanks again for all the years of good service for Hussel. I know that he does in between a little more effort with the whole creams and such. It was not always easy to know for myself that now was a little degree of acute back and I myself could not care for him and could not always assess what now is how bad and what to do for the best. That's why I was always glad to know that you care with the best knowledge and belief of him. I was pleased also always on the interim reports, anecdotes, photos and movies of Hussel and all other horses.
Thank you once again that I could say goodbye to Hussel, I'm glad that I am once again come to him to say goodbye. When we got home, it suddenly had the most beautiful rainbow in the sky I've seen in a long time. Maybe it was a sign of Hussel that he was well on the big pasture. Who knows.
Best regards
Hussel (11.06.2012)

Hello Geli
Thank you for the message. Very kind of you, how you take care of our horses. Thank you. With us, it's cold too. Today -8 degrees.
Love greeting
Peter, Rocket + Laramy (09.02.2012)

Dear Geli
Now Linda is asleep. We are sad and yet it is still somehow unreal. But we're glad she has no longer to suffer. We hope you're okay and you're not too crowded. We also hope that the friends of Linda quickly get used because she is no longer there. Yourself will probably continue for some time to look out of habit. In all cases, we thank you most sincerely, that you have such good care of Linda for 18 years and we were always informed. Of course, we hope that we will continue to receive emails of Grappins. Surely we will come by chance you see. But first, we want to wish you and the animals a quiet moment after these stressful days, for retourned to a normality life.
All Love
Béatrice & André, Linda (01.02.2012)

Sylvia Hanah Luise
Thank Liabi Geli
for your kind words. He has given me so much, to you too and that's great. Thank you for everything you have done in our sense, it was for both of us sooooooooooo precious. I wish that you keep the rest of the money, you have him so lovingly dressed in blankets, and you know what else.
THANK YOU and best wishes from
Sylvia Hanah Luise, Albrecht (18.01.2012)

Many heartfelt thanks dear Geli! I really like the video. Doudou was really very fortunate that we have found yourself almost 11 years ago and I am sure he couldn't have stayed anywhere else in his life so well looked after, thank you!
Very best wishes.
Alexandra Roder, Doudou (09.08.2011)

Sandra-Michelle Iseli
Yeah sure I'll do for you advertising. But hello!
Just another horse come back from another stable.............. 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS OLD! It was 1 year there. He looks like 35, skinny, tootly, wormy, looks like, OH MY GOD! This horse tells me stories again. He also was normal before, now he is a sick bat.
I praise my Geli. But really. With another owner I talked a bit about pastures, the condition of the horse's attitude, etc. .. she then said, yes it was quite normal (NORMAL! !!!!!), that horse would look just the way of the pasture ... Then I got some photos of you from Eximeo dusted on the phone and have shown her. As they said, yes he stand but still not long on the pasture. Eh? - Haha. But anyway. Which is since about 10 years, my love. ;-) Who has made eyes….
Meiwei. I can then say nothing more. But really. :-( (
You deserve the praise. I see so many horses on pasture. And everyone look like ruffled poodle, not your ...
Sandra-Michelle Iseli Eximeo (22.05.2011)

I am very happy that Eximeo it well. So much. Thank you that you're here and my horse look so good.
I always secretly hope so that you do all this for so long that I can give you Bubi also, and yet he can grow old with you .. ;-)
Otherwise, honestly, I did not know where to go? A friend was looking for another pasture, long sought ... and found something that I did not like. I have also recommended you, but you were too far away to her. All want to see their horse ... and do not want to admit that the horses on pasture got more or less wild and forgot there life before. But good. For me it is only important that he's OK. As with you.
Thank you for that.
Sandra-Michelle Iseli Eximeo (19.05.2011)

Bettina Zinsmeister
ha ha ha! she does’nt get pregnant? depending on the stallion would a funny thing! So I find it pretty as a picture .... I like, if they have a few more pounds, not too much, but better than too little! :-) This winter holidays were for them in any case the best they ever had - because of general nutritional status and health and social integration and so .... Seriously!
What really made the hooves? Are they grown back again? I would have to grate at Easter, if I come?
Bettina Zinsmeister (12.04.2011)

Christine Meier
Rocket, I have been riding since 11 years, I come now for several years each winter for three till four months after Les Grappins. Nowhere else could I give him so calm in the winter break because I know that he is receiving a lot of effort and expertise of Geli. The regular email messages with photos and current information make the wait until spring easier. With a rested and very balanced horse I could start again into the jumping season. For Rockets dinner and for future winter holidays of my now six month old youngsters come for me only "Les Grappins" in question, as I have found there a horse haven, and a good friend.
Christine Meier, Rider of Rocket G (07.02.2011)

Love Geli,
many thanks for the lovely and funny informations! You don't know how glad I am that Gladdys and Lacros feel so well .... :-).
Apparently, the horses keep you up with their funny moods pretty busy!
The day before yesterday, the camera still worked well, yesterday I didn't try. I've baked with a friend of 12 a. m. till 20 p. m. 9 varieties of biscuits! In the evening I have been totally worn down. I'll bring you a taste of them the next visit!
I would love to visit my two again, but unfortunately this is not possible. I do not really miss them badly – because I know that they are well, I can let go well.
Have the two additional horses now arrived? Did they also integrated so well?
Here is the hot wind blowing once more, it's sunny at about 18 degree! From next week on, however, a cold front with snow is announced. yuk. At my opinion the winter could be cancelled ... ;-)
Greetings, see you soon!
Bettina (26.11.2010)

Heidi von Schroeder-Imhof
Back from another visit to my lucky horse!
I remember exactly how I led my horse eight years ago, Justin in the van and watched in tears as this vanished from view. After many years of partnership, I had realized that the time had come to take distance from my selfishness and my fellow patient discharged in the "freedom". The decision was hard, I could me hardly imagine a life without the daily contact with him.
What luck, have found a place, where Geli Wörz works! With great empathy she relieved me at the time the separation of long, daily telephone conversations in which they told me exactly how, what and when my horse did something. These reports were graphically underlined by photos sent via email. In a subsequent visit, I learned Geli Wörz - which I had never met before - then know personally. This meeting confirmed to me the impression I had fully recovered by the phone calls already: here is a woman with love and passion of her life to the chosen task - dedicated - the care and welfare of horses.
And so it has remained until today. I am pleased and grateful for the relaxed, friendly contact with Geli, which has my full confidence, to observe the happy, healthy condition of my horse and the recently existing option, via webcam every time my horse in its activities.
I can recommend the horses oasis Les Garppins all those who are looking for their horse a place where this cherished and cared for as you would do is it not better yourself and find this a happy life can result in species-appropriate in nature.
Heidi von Schroeder-Imhof (26.10.2010)

Great how you have done Farleys mane again - many thanks for it.
Michelle (19.12.2009)

Thomas & Sandra
Geli Wörz offers with her horse pension "Les Grappins" in Bouhans a high-class solution for all horses. The stables are on the newest state and offer protection before effects of the weather and tiresome flies to the horses round-the-clock. Of course every horse also has an own box. The 13-hectare-pasture offers a lot of place, so that the four-legged friends can romp to theirs heart's content or can enjoy themselves to the greens. We have got to know Geli Wörz as a responsible hostess (for bipeds and four-legged friends). Thanks to her excellent knowledge she takes care of the horses perfectliy. We brought our mare "Swiss Lady" during several years to Geli Wörz. We were always contented with the care and welfare and would give our horse any time again in the care of Geli Wörz.
Thomas & Sandra (18.05.2009)

I say to you, now Rosenza is already 10 times more nicely to riding than she was ever and she is now very quiet. I can hardly believe it. Now one can ride out with her very comfortably, no stress and nothing at all. She is almost every day outdoors and this is good for her very much. Most fantastically she finds the pastures with the cattle. Above all, the small calves find it very interesting if there is a horse on the pasture and then walk around Rosenza all the time, but she remains nicely cool. The farmer leaves her always to the cattle, because she is so dear and peacefully. I say to you, this would not have been possible the last year yet.
That I have given Rosenza to you was the best one what I have ever done. I would not have thought really that she changes so very well. The holidays have been good for her very much. Simply fantastically :-)
lots of love
Andrea (21.04.2009)

That's what's fantastic now about Rosenza... Cars can pass by or even a dog can almost bite her in the legs - she simply continues walking as if nothing had happened. On our trip back home we did unload the horse several times to stretch her legs. Once, a big truck rushed along, but Rösi was completly unimpressed! The holidays did really a good work on her! :-)
Andrea (07.03.2009)

The two horses feel very well and also Sandra has said that they look very good. Rocket was as quiet and devoted as before, and this is not natural with him. Ordinarily he always needs weeks to regain the trust.
Christine (10.03.2009)

... Really, by the way, with the blacksmith. Thank you that you always look so well after Rocket. I have never made worries about him (In contrast to early, when heard nothing of him for a long time.) It does so well to know that it goes well to him with you and he has it so nicely!!! And thus I always look at the photo on e-mail on which he stands with you on the pasture in the sun and behind Pamela still squints in the picture.
Christine (17.01.2009)

Thank you already for everything! It is nicely to know a lot about my horse Cordino although he is so far away, I must doubt no minute whether it is in good hands. Many thanks!!
Lots of love
Nicole (03.03.2009)

Nathalie Dubois
Since many years my horse Hussein lives on Geli's horse pension. I am very contented and Hussein obviously feels fine. Unfortunately, he needs on account of an illness more intensive care and must be sometimes treated several times daily. However, with Geli I know that my horse is supplied very well. Quite fantastically I also think is that I often get photos of my horse sent by e-mail. Also I know that I will get informed if there will be problems.
Nathalie Dubois (16.01.2009)

Béatrice + André
Dear Geli.
Thank you very much for the nice Christmas greetings! Also we would like to thank you. For the fact that you exert all about your protégés and inform a lot about all what happens at Les Grappins. This gives a good feeling and creates trust - we are glad that Linda can be with you - many thanks!
Kind regards from Biel
Béatrice + André (23.12.2008)

Dear Geli, we have transferred 200 € instead of 122 € to you. This is no mistake, but we wanted this in such a way. Simply still a small thank-you that you have looked so well to Vaguely. He had very nicely.with you. Also many thanks for all the pictures you have always sent to us. These are nice recollections.
Marlies (09.12.2008)

With all my heart I want to thank you for the many wonderful years that you have allowed King. I know that his support was much more intense than other horses, but your good care was determined him to tide over all the suffering that he had learned at a young age. In this sense, you receive my heartfelt thanks!
Desirée, King d’Ao (20.08.2008)