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Dear horse lovers.

Welcome to my horse
pension "LES GRAPPINS".

Island of freedom and rest
for horses to spend their
old age or the winter months and
holidays in dignity.
An oasis for people
and animals in France.
May I introduce my farm especially fitted for horses? The mostly open stables border on the pasture-ground and offer them in summer protection from heat, tiresome flies and in winter from moisture and storm. Balance between horses and no fear of a stronger horse is especially important for me. Every horse has his separate box, directly beside his/her companion they have won here. Every single horses personality and their special character needs increased care.

Horses with special needs receive a treatment co-ordinated for them for which I have studied in several courses. A small herd also signifies more rest. My protégés emit this rest. This was confirmed to me from many sides. Especially old horses are very grateful for a well-balanced environment.
The soil is loamy and therefore curative for hoofs and joints. The winters are mild. The area is plain which makes it easier for the horses to walk and run. Nevertheless, in summer it is hot but dry, and very seldom muggy.

My qualification confirmed by professional courses and my practical experience allows me to provide specific care to needy horses. Also I assume that each horse is an individual who merits special attention.

For other cases consult me. If you are interested by my concept of pension you can contact me to find a solution for your expectations. For information I speaks French, German and a notions of English.


Once upon a time .....

That’s the way stories go,
so why not mine?
  Once upon a time many years ago when I decided to give my horse to a pasture for while. Therefore, I sent my Zirius for holidays to a Swiss person on a horse farm in France. It didn`t take long,not to move my horse back to Switzerland, but myself to the farm in France. There I remained 13 years and learned, with the help of several courses, a lot about caring for horses.

In 2003 I bought the farm "LES GRAPPPINS" which lies in wonderful Burgundy. Then in 2005 I moved there. Whoever wants to do a holiday in Burgundy, not only finds marvellous nature and good wines, but also wonderful cities and castles. My farm lies far away from all the hectic. The next pretty city with a good infrastructure, Saint Germain du Bois, is only 4 km away.

I built a new stable fitted for horses needs. It`s 50 metres long and has all doors on the wind protected side. The boxes have direct access to the 13-ha-pasture. The stable floor is laid out with elastic mats, so that the subsoil is smooth and comfortable. It is laid out with straw. Every box is 2.70 by 5.25 m = 14.18 m ². In front of the stable grids are laid out, so the horses do not stand in the pulp. To be able to supply every horse individually, I would like to take only about 12-14 horses. This way every horse has it’s own box at feeding or rest times.

Particularly old horses find more rest in closed compare to open stables because they feel more secure there. This way the mosquitoes don’t bug them as much. Generally the horses can decide themselves, if they want to go in the stable or not.

The small horse oasis "LES GRAPPINS", is situated in the Bresse (Burgundy) not far away from Dôle, approx. 220 km from Basel or 135 km of Geneva.

   My friend Mrs Uschi Balmer

So that the court in this rather long time is not empty, it happens a wonderful opportunity. My friend Mrs Uschi Balmer, who lived in this region even a few years, looked after my farm until I could begin my new life there. Now she takes over the care and maintenance of all animals, if I am not there!

  "LES GRAPPINS" is an island of freedom for people and animals amid of meadows and fields in France.

Interested? Then you ask simply whether this would be something for you.
I speak German, French and English.