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Sibylle und Tom
August 2016
xxxxx Star for Gelis Gite!
Dear Geli,
we have recovered from the first hour with you for the most wonderful. Restful nights in a super comfortable bed, funny afternoons in the pool, badminton battles, hovering on the swing in the sky and delicious and very entertaining evenings on your terrace. And all in a stunningly beautiful natural landscape and the best of hosts!
Much love and see you soon

Steffi, Jeremy Sandro
August 2015
Dear Geli
Thank you so much for letting us five days to come to you. It was mega nice and cool here.
Kind regards

Christelle und Nathan
Juli 2015
Geli thank you for your welcome. We spent a pleasant week.
Thank you

Sylvie und Alain
Juni 2015
Very good stay in a quiet and relaxing place. Warm welcome.
Thank you and see you soon

Eva Dennis, Malou, Dawa
May 2015
Dear Geli!
Thank you for your hospitality - even if it was unfortunately only for one night, we really enjoyed it here.
Much love + good we wish you

Sandra Peter Mike Jessi
April 2015
Thanks for the nice time in your oasis

Ilon und Luc
August 2014
Best Geli
Thanks for staying in your gite. It was great and nice, where you have everything at hand. The silence here. We were not much here, but often at the sister Maureen, Camping les Arbois! We slept here gorgeous. We wish you many guests and happiness here with the horses.
Greetings from Ilon and Luc from Holland and maybe next time

Sandra Jessica Mike
April 2014
Thank you very much for the great time we spent at Les Grappins. Your house is wonderful, we felt very comfortable. After three nights we return refreshed and relaxed back home; with many beautiful impressions, two fine "goat cheese" of your neighbor and three sweet Meeris (3 ceramic guinea pigs from Super-U).
Kind regards

Anni and Erhard July 2012
Hello Geli!
We spent 2 wonderful weeks on your property. Many attractions to admire and a lot of landscape may enjoy thanks to the good Weather. Our trop home was pretty good. However, very wet and cold. On Wednesday will again be summer.
Much love to all

Silvia 20/04/2012
It was again a delight in your house, I feel since more and so well. I could live long in your oasis, it is just awesome. I wish you all the best for the next time, if we do not hear, of course, enjoy your stay in Spain.
all love

Taco, Nande en Esmée, Holland, 2011
What kind of peace and what we were asleep! It's so quiet here, we slept like babies ... Although we were staying here is not much, but we were happy to return in the evening to enjoy the peace of mind!
Until next time!

Nico, Holland, 2011
Dear Friends,
We really had a great time here and the quiet slept wonderfully on "Les Grappins". In the beautiful environment we have made many trips. The weather could also be satisfied. We came here on our son, who has just opened near a central beautiful campsite "Les Arbois." We loved being able to spend our holidays so close together since they both lie far apart. Both are nice places.
Thank you

Geli, Janine und Michael, 2011
Dear Geli,
we have felt comfortable us very much in your cottage and enjoyed our time here with very nice weather. Thank you for your hospitality - even on Uschi! We will see us again - until then

Corinne und Marc, 2011
Dear Geli,
Thank you for that stay in your "Sweet" heel. Rustic, proper, calm, the top for the holidays.
Thanks – sea you soon

Susana, Ane und Lite vom Basken-Land, 2011
Dear Geli,
we have spent here an wonderful week. Undoubtedly this is a place to come> All the best

Sylvia und Farah, 2011
Dear Geli, dear Yves<
we feel us very comfortable in the little oasis, Farah and me. Even if Milou (dog) steals the pate from the refrigerator. We will be back soon. Of the fungi, we are very excited.
Best regards

Sibylle, Tom und Gregor, 2011
Dear Geli, chèr Yves,
We thank you very much at the end of the wonderful time which we could spend in your romantic cottage. Especially we liked the great trip to the three crosses mountain and the castle and of course the boxwood - that we will keep a special memory.
All love

Familie Csösz aus Ungarn, 2011
Dear Geli,
we have felt very at home here. The horses were very well liked and especially the cats and the dog who has always come to us. The air here is always fresh and clean. We remember the walk, where we have found the drill head again.
Thank you for your hospitality and for your yellow zucchini.

Jenny, 2011
Dear Geli,
Now this was already my second stay here and I can again enjoy it very much. My hobbies are photography, hiking, and read, read, read, came to their fullest potential. There are such beautiful places and I always discover something new. The weather has cooperated, it was almost too warm but the cool nights have brought a nice balance. Yes, and Lotta (dog) took the cats interesting. Sad that Ric is no longer there. So, till next time!
Sincerely, Jenny

Birgitta, Reiner, Mariska und Davina, 2011
Dear Geli, dear Yves,
we've got nice Easter holiday spent with you! We had a barbecue and chilling (well rested) and wish you much fun with your freshly plastered pool.

Dagi und Sepp, 2011
Dear Geli, dear Uschi!
Here, in the small and beautiful cozy cottage we have enjoyed, unfortunately only one night!
Thank you for your friendship! Stay healthy!

Billy und Susanne, 2011
Dear Geli,
finally it came true and we were there. It was very nice with you and Yves. Best wishes and God Bless

Christine und Tom, 2011
Dear Geli,
Despite cold and cough, we have enjoyed the winter days to you very much!
Thank you for all

Jenny 2010
Thank you very much for your hospitality, we did like it very much. Actually we know the area quite we (we used to stay at Chaumergy) and we love to visit certain things again... Well, and the weather was top-notch. Ulrike asked me to tell you again, that she appreciated very much the idea with the sheep fence in the garden. That way Tilly had more space even if she'd liked most to dig out all the plants and especially to crack all the walnuts.

Alex, 2009
I love the horses of Geli, especially Justin, Billy and of course all the other horses

Marius, 2009
Everything has a end, only the sausage has two! It was very nice here. Thanks for everything

Jandré, Margaret, Stef, und Ric 2009
Dear Geli,
We have had a very enjoyable holiday in your guesthouse. Thank you for your hospitality and greetings to Ric.

Birgit und Uli, 2009
Dear Geli,
We were happy here. It was very nice and very funny. Thank you for your kind hospitality and the wonderful nature!

Nurah, 2009
Hoi Geli,
here it is very beautiful. Thanks for the kind hospitality! The bed was very comfortable - and also a thank you, that we were allowed to watch TV!
PS: We had O. C. enjoyed

Jalina 2008
We, my mother, my sister (12 years) and I (13 years) made holidays with Geli for 1 week. It was great. Primarily we romped about in the swimming pool. Our mother made herself comfortably on a garden chair with a book. We also made excursions. First we went to wander in the Jura to the waterfalls in Herison. We found there a marvellous scenery. On monday we visited Louhans to saunter above the market. Louhans is a cosy city with his old houses from the 15-th century with his 157 arcades as well as the Hôtel-Dieu with the old chemist's shop. Also we liked Saint Germain du Bois very well. Indeed, the "Little house" is small, but oho. We felt fine there. The little house is very properly. Dear Geli, we thank you for the wonderful vacation with you. You and Ric (Gelis dog) were always in good mood.
We will come again.

Clement und Eric 2008
When we were on assembly close to Saint Germain, we spent the night with pleasure at Geli. So comfortably and cheap we can nowhere spend the night. We estimate, above all, the wholesome calmness and this scenery. We have also closed the good-natured dog Ric very much in our heart.

Elfriede August 2008
After 7-day restful vacation in this romantic small house, I had problemes to leave. I have felt here very well and have undertaken a lot.